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Required Markings

RBG Striping is your company of choice when it comes to meeting the fire and safety codes for pavement & curb markings. Our team of professionals will layout and stripe your fire lanes, paint and stencil curbs, and designate your handicap accessible parking.

We are considerate of your business operations and when necessary, we will perform the work during your business' off-hours, saving your customers from any inconvenience.

As the Colorado striping experts, we take pride in every job we do. Our work will be straight, and true, we will keep a clean job site remove all job related debris. Our goal is to leave every job, better looking than when we came.
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ADA Required Marking

ADA Required Markings

The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures handicapped accessible parking at every business in the state of Colorado. The ADA requires the correct number of van accessible parking spaces, properly marked with pole mounted signs and ground markings. The professionals at RBG will help you design and layout your parking lot to meet the ADA guidelines.
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Fire & Safety Required Markings

When you need to meet requirements of the local building codes, call RBG. Our experts have 18 years experience and are familiar with the local fire and safety codes in the areas we serve. We will get you compliant with the required parking designations, pavement markings and parking space signs necessary for you to meet the regulations.
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